MEP codes if your OS engineering screen doesnt show the MEP

Rogers (ANY BLACKBERRY) –> MEP-04626-002
Fido –> MEP-23361-001
Telus Blackberry 9900, 9360, 8910, 9350 –> MEP-14074-004
Telus Blackberry 9300, 9700, 9780, 9800 –> MEP-14074-003
Bell Blackberry BB10, 9900, 9630, 8910, 9350, 9790 –> MEP-30218-002
Bell –> MEP-27501-003
KOODO Blackberry 9360, 9900, 9790, 9380 –> MEP-34870-002
KOODO Blackberry 9300 –> MEP-34870-001
WIND Blackberry 9900/9930/9360 –> MEP-29318-002
WIND Blackberry 9100/9300/9700/9780 –> MEP-29318-001
MOBLICITY 9900/9800/9780/9380/9360/9900/9930 –> MEP-31845-002
MOBILICITY 9300/9700 – MEP-31845-001
AT&T –> MEP-04598-005
US Cellular –> MEP-04103-002


all country MEP codes:
3 Hutchison (UK): MEP-24124-001
A1 (All Countries): MEP-07484-007
AT&T (USA): MEP-04598-005
B-Mobile (All Caribbean Islands): MEP-10129-006
Bell (Canada): MEP-30218-002
Bouygues (France): MEP-08918-001
Cable and Wireless (all Countries): MEP-10129-006
Claro (ALL Countries 9320 ONLY!): MEP-11534-010
Claro (All other Countries and Models): MEP-11534-008
Digicel (All Countries, 9320 ONLY): MEP-14896-006
Digicel (All Countries): MEP-14896-005
Digitel (Venezuela): MEP-20669-001
Entel (Chile, 9900): MEP-09917-001
Etisalat: MEP-11414-002
Fido (Canada): MEP-23361-001
Globe (Philippines): MEP-07754-001
IUSACELL (Mexico, 9360, 9380, 9860, 9900 only): MEP-24667-002
IUSACELL (Mexico, 9650 9810 only): MEP-24667-004
Koodo (Canada): MEP-34870-002
Lime (All Countres): MEP-10129-006
Meteor (Ireland): MEP-41468-001
Mobilicity: MEP-31845-002
Mobinil (Egypt): MEP-07723-007
Movistar (Latin America – IF NOT LISTED BELOW – 9860, 9900): MEP-06041-012
Movistar (El Salvador, 9360 ONLY): MEP-06041-017
Movistar (Equador, 9380 ONLY): MEP-06041-017
Movistar (Mexico – 9360, 9900): MEP-06041-012
Movistar (Mexico – 9380, 9790 ONLY): MEP-06041-017
Movistar (Spain, 9360, 9810, 9790, 9860 ONLY): MEP-06041-012
Movistar (Spain, 9380 ONLY): MEP-06041-016
Movistar (Venezuela, 9360, 9380 ONLY): MEP-06041-017
MTN (South Africa): MEP-04103-002
MTS (CANADA) MEP-24660-003
MTS (RUSSIA) MEP-17568-003
NTT DOCOMO (Japan): MEP-12978-001
O2 (Ireland):MEP-06424-002
O2 (UK):MEP-06424-002
Optus (Australia): ***Please tell us if this works for you!!! MEP-4103-001
Orange (Dominican republic): MEP-07723-007
Orange (France): MEP-07723-007
Orange (Poland): MEP-07723-007
Orange (Romania): MEP-07723-007
Orange (Spain, 9360 ONLY): MEP-07723-007
Orange (Spain, 9900 ONLY): MEP-42490-002
Orange (Switzerland 9900): MEP-07723-007
Orange (UK): MEP-42490-002
Rogers: MEP-04626-002
SFR: MEP-05277-005
Sasktel: MEP-30218-002
Smartone/Vodafone (Hong Kong): MEP-04103-001
Sprint: MEP-14052-002
Swisscom (Switzerland): MEP-04103-001
T-Mobile (UK ONLY!) MEP-42490-002
T-Mobile (USA ONLY!) MEP-04104-008
Telcel (Mexico): MEP-30669-001
Telus: MEP-14074-004 

Tesco (UK, 9320) MEP-40954-001
Tigo: MEP-27488-001
Verizon (USA): MEP-15326-002
Videotron (canada): MEP-33006-002
Virgin Mobile (Canada ONLY!): MEP-30218-002
Virgin Mobile (9810 UK ONLY!) MEP-29080-002
Virgin Mobile (Other Models – UK ONLY!) MEP-29080-003
Vivo (Brazil – 9900): MEP-06041-012
Vodacom (S.Africa): MEP-04103-002
Vodafone (Australia): MEP-11246-002
Vodafone (Egypt): MEP-09070-001
Vodafone (Netherlands): MEP-06812-004 (Use the MEP4 provided)
Vodafone (Spain): MEP-06813-002
Vodafone (UK): MEP-06814-005
Vodafone (Ireland): MEP-06814-005
Wind (canada): MEP-29318-002
Yoigo (Spain): MEP-42517-001

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