Blackberry Curve 8520

This is going to be a quick post regarding the newly released Blackberry 8520. Let me first say that I am quite disappointed in the features list of this phone. I was quite ecstatic when i heard a new curve is out, but after reading my favorite forums (,, I decided not to purchase this phone. Sure they added the trackpad that replaces the ball, but they still have a substandard lcd screen (which is the same as the old 83×0 Curve), a substandard 2.0 MP camera (non auto focus) – with NO FLASH — are you kidding me?? Currently this is the only 85xx series phone out as they phase out the rest of the 83xx series phones. So this one comes with wifi (UMA support) but thats about it. Sure its beefed up under the hood, but my suspicion is RIM is getting rid of their spare parts from the 83xx series phone. Understood its for the mid level consumer, and they cant make all the BB’s all cadillacs, some of them still have to be the chevy’s and the pontiacs.

I was checking on craigslist for this phone and they are running at approx $400 bnib. I have an old 8300 that is also listed for $300, so firstly, I am surprised how well these phones hold their value, and secondly, ill wait until the 85xx comes down in price (when the 83xx is obsolete) to keep one as a spare in case I lose my daily use phones.

Ill leave it at that.

new blackberry bold 9700

Research in Motion has recently announced the Canadian company will be releasing a couple of new smart phones. The Bold (2) 9700 and Storm 2.

I dont hold much interest in the Storm 2 as I am not a fan of touch screen.

I currently own the Bold 9000 and also the Curve 8900. These are two of the best phones built by the Canadian smart phone maker in my opinion. However, this new 9700 will and has caught many peoples attention. Why you ask? Just think of the two phones I own meshed into one! The Bold 9000 is supplied by my work and since I didnt want to have 2 phones strapped to my waist, I opted to get the 8900 Curve. The 8900 stays in my pocket (this is for my personal/own business). I always wished that the curve would have 3G and the Bold be a bit smaller like the curve…. low and behold, the new 9700 Bold!!! Needless to say that I am very excited. The camera on the 8900 Curve is phenomenal. The camera on the Bold 9000 sucks! I can hammer on the Bold 9000 keyboard faster than on the curve 8900; i have read from boy genius reports that the keyboard on the 9700 has been improved.. better than the 8900, similar to the Bold— in the 8900 form factor…

Once I pick this baby up I will post some pics and do a write up on it.