Blackberry hidden menus

Here’s a list of Hidden Menus & Functions. Some of them are handy for BES/Enterprise support only.

Most require you to hold down the ALT key while typing the letters after the + sign (they don’t need to be capitals).

Use at your own Risk.

  • Enterprise Activation (Options->Advanced)

ALT+CNFG – Settings for Enterprise Activation

  • Address Book

ALT+VALD – Validate the data structure and look for inconsistencies ALT+RBLD – Force a data structure rebuild

from the Options menu, type the following (No ALT+ required) RSET – Will prompt to erase & reload for a reload of the Address book from the BES (n.b. this will wipe all entries, but you can goto SIM Phone Book & copy entries back afterwards)

  • Browser

ALT+RBVS – View web page source code

  • Calendar

Open up a Calendar item ALT+VIEW Inside any Calendar item Show extra info for a Calendar event (including message ID – handy for BES log troubleshooting)

from the Options menu, type the following (No ALT+ required) SYNC – Enable Calendar slow sync RSET – Will prompt for a reload of the calendar from the BES RCFG – Request BES configuration SCFG – Send device configuration DCFG – Get CICAL configuration SUPD – Enable detailed Cal. report for backup SUPS – Disable detailed Cal. report for backup SUPN – Disable Cal. report database LUID – Enable view by UID SRSL – Show Reminder status log

  • Messaging

ALT+VIEW – For messages, displays the RefId and FolderId for that particular message. For PIM items, displays only the RefId.

  • Search Application

ALT+ADVM Search Application Enabled Advanced Global Search

  • Home Screen

ALT(left)+Shift(right)+Del – Restart the Blackberry (only for full-keyboard Blackberries) ALT+JKVV – Display cause of PDP reject ALT+CAP+ H – Displays the Help Me screen ALT + EACE – Displays the Help Me screen ALT + ESCR – Displays the Help Me screen ALT + NMLL – Switches the signal strength from bars to a numeric value. ALT + LGLG – Displays the Java™ event log.

  • WLAN (WLAN wizard screen)

ALT-SMON WLAN – Enable simulated Wizard mode ALT-SMOF WLAN – Disable simulated Wizard mode

  • Theme (from theme menu)

ALT-THMN – Change to no theme (B&W) ALT-THMD – Change to default theme

  • Date/Time (Date/Time menu – No ALT+ required)

LOLO – Date/Time Show Network time values

  • SIM Card (Options->Advanced->SIM card – No ALT+ required)

MEPD – Display MEP info MEP1 – Disable SIM personalization MEP2 – Disable Network personalization MEP3 – Disable Network subset personalization MEP4 – Disable Service provider personalization MEP5 – Disable Corporate personalization

  • Status (Options->Status)

BUYR – Data & Voice Usage TEST – start a device test (Keyboard, GPS, RF, Audio (Handset,headset,bluetooth, Misc)


installing nitotv ssh apple tv 2

I just wanted to put this information out there, since I couldn’t find it anywhere…

If you’re just wanting to use SeasonPass for a jailbreak, and do not plan on installing aTV Flash, you’ll need help installed NitoTV.

First off, get the IP Address of your AppleTV from the Settings Menu.

SSH from your machine to that IP as root (password: alpine) — If you don’t know what SSH is, google it.
ie from a Mac or Linux terminal type ssh -l root

At this point I recommend changing your password. To do this, type passwd

Now, lets update our apt sources…. type apt-get update

and now, to install NitoTV type apt-get install com.nito.nitoTV

Hope this helps.

MEP codes if your OS engineering screen doesnt show the MEP

Rogers (ANY BLACKBERRY) –> MEP-04626-002
Fido –> MEP-23361-001
Telus Blackberry 9900, 9360, 8910, 9350 –> MEP-14074-004
Telus Blackberry 9300, 9700, 9780, 9800 –> MEP-14074-003
Bell Blackberry BB10, 9900, 9630, 8910, 9350, 9790 –> MEP-30218-002
Bell –> MEP-27501-003
KOODO Blackberry 9360, 9900, 9790, 9380 –> MEP-34870-002
KOODO Blackberry 9300 –> MEP-34870-001
WIND Blackberry 9900/9930/9360 –> MEP-29318-002
WIND Blackberry 9100/9300/9700/9780 –> MEP-29318-001
MOBLICITY 9900/9800/9780/9380/9360/9900/9930 –> MEP-31845-002
MOBILICITY 9300/9700 – MEP-31845-001
AT&T –> MEP-04598-005
US Cellular –> MEP-04103-002


all country MEP codes:
3 Hutchison (UK): MEP-24124-001
A1 (All Countries): MEP-07484-007
AT&T (USA): MEP-04598-005
B-Mobile (All Caribbean Islands): MEP-10129-006
Bell (Canada): MEP-30218-002
Bouygues (France): MEP-08918-001
Cable and Wireless (all Countries): MEP-10129-006
Claro (ALL Countries 9320 ONLY!): MEP-11534-010
Claro (All other Countries and Models): MEP-11534-008
Digicel (All Countries, 9320 ONLY): MEP-14896-006
Digicel (All Countries): MEP-14896-005
Digitel (Venezuela): MEP-20669-001
Entel (Chile, 9900): MEP-09917-001
Etisalat: MEP-11414-002
Fido (Canada): MEP-23361-001
Globe (Philippines): MEP-07754-001
IUSACELL (Mexico, 9360, 9380, 9860, 9900 only): MEP-24667-002
IUSACELL (Mexico, 9650 9810 only): MEP-24667-004
Koodo (Canada): MEP-34870-002
Lime (All Countres): MEP-10129-006
Meteor (Ireland): MEP-41468-001
Mobilicity: MEP-31845-002
Mobinil (Egypt): MEP-07723-007
Movistar (Latin America – IF NOT LISTED BELOW – 9860, 9900): MEP-06041-012
Movistar (El Salvador, 9360 ONLY): MEP-06041-017
Movistar (Equador, 9380 ONLY): MEP-06041-017
Movistar (Mexico – 9360, 9900): MEP-06041-012
Movistar (Mexico – 9380, 9790 ONLY): MEP-06041-017
Movistar (Spain, 9360, 9810, 9790, 9860 ONLY): MEP-06041-012
Movistar (Spain, 9380 ONLY): MEP-06041-016
Movistar (Venezuela, 9360, 9380 ONLY): MEP-06041-017
MTN (South Africa): MEP-04103-002
MTS (CANADA) MEP-24660-003
MTS (RUSSIA) MEP-17568-003
NTT DOCOMO (Japan): MEP-12978-001
O2 (Ireland):MEP-06424-002
O2 (UK):MEP-06424-002
Optus (Australia): ***Please tell us if this works for you!!! MEP-4103-001
Orange (Dominican republic): MEP-07723-007
Orange (France): MEP-07723-007
Orange (Poland): MEP-07723-007
Orange (Romania): MEP-07723-007
Orange (Spain, 9360 ONLY): MEP-07723-007
Orange (Spain, 9900 ONLY): MEP-42490-002
Orange (Switzerland 9900): MEP-07723-007
Orange (UK): MEP-42490-002
Rogers: MEP-04626-002
SFR: MEP-05277-005
Sasktel: MEP-30218-002
Smartone/Vodafone (Hong Kong): MEP-04103-001
Sprint: MEP-14052-002
Swisscom (Switzerland): MEP-04103-001
T-Mobile (UK ONLY!) MEP-42490-002
T-Mobile (USA ONLY!) MEP-04104-008
Telcel (Mexico): MEP-30669-001
Telus: MEP-14074-004 

Tesco (UK, 9320) MEP-40954-001
Tigo: MEP-27488-001
Verizon (USA): MEP-15326-002
Videotron (canada): MEP-33006-002
Virgin Mobile (Canada ONLY!): MEP-30218-002
Virgin Mobile (9810 UK ONLY!) MEP-29080-002
Virgin Mobile (Other Models – UK ONLY!) MEP-29080-003
Vivo (Brazil – 9900): MEP-06041-012
Vodacom (S.Africa): MEP-04103-002
Vodafone (Australia): MEP-11246-002
Vodafone (Egypt): MEP-09070-001
Vodafone (Netherlands): MEP-06812-004 (Use the MEP4 provided)
Vodafone (Spain): MEP-06813-002
Vodafone (UK): MEP-06814-005
Vodafone (Ireland): MEP-06814-005
Wind (canada): MEP-29318-002
Yoigo (Spain): MEP-42517-001

free blackberry unlock codes

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How To Turn Your Windows 8 Computer into A Wireless Hotspot Access Point

Since Windows 7, Microsoft has built in the virtual WiFi technology into Windows that gives the ability to turn any Windows machine with the supported wireless adapter into a wireless hotspot natively without the helps from any 3rd party tools. A pretty feature could be very useful and handy but lacks of a pretty and easy-to-use user interface.

Let’s take look how it works first.

Open Command Prompt window as Administrator

You can do so press Win+X and choose command prompt (admin) from the list.

Type the following command to check if you have a supported wireless device.

netsh wlan show drivers

“hosted network supported” : yes”

If yes, type the following command to set wireless parameters such as SSID, and passcode, and start the service

netsh wlan  set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=myssid key=password

replace myssid and password with your own choice.

netsh wlan start hostednetwork

Turn on Internet Connection Sharing on the network adapter that has the access to the Internet. You can do so by

  1. Going to Control Panel, Network & Internet, and Network Connections.
  2. Right click the adapter and go to properties.
  3. Turn on the option “Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s Internet connection” under Sharing tab. Make sure to pick the enabled Wireless virtual adapter as the Home networking connection.

This may be a bit cumbersome as once you restart your pc, the settings are reverted. You can run the attached script as administrator after having completed the above steps once and you’re off to the races.



white-list PGP Universal Server to over ride cached time limit

“key search []: error getting recipient encryption key: Skipping keyserver because it was down the last time it was checked”

you can force to not mark a keyserver as down if you put the entry in a white list in /etc/ovid/prefs.xml at the proxy section:

  1. <proxy>
  2.  <keyserver-white-list>
  3.     <hostname></hostname>
  4.  </keyserver-white-list>
  5. </proxy>

Restart services

Blackberry Enterprise Activation OTA without Appworld

This post is for anyone that has to deploy blackberry to users in a company and are subscribed to only a blackberry BIS data plan. Typically, you would need to install appworld, then assign a blackberry ID to the berry. If this is a corporate berry, then it will take a lot of time doing this individually. Here you go, from your blackberry browser, click on the link below and install RIMs application –  Enterprise Activation.

This can only be done via OTA download and install the app.


Blackberry Vendor ID’s

Help Screen Blackberry : alt + aA (Shift) +H

100 T-Mobile US
101 AWS
102 Cingular Wireless
103 Nextel
104 Sprint PCS
105 Verizon
106 Alltel
107 Rogers
109 BWA (Aliant/Sasktel)
111 MM02 DE
113 Telfort
114 T-Mobile DE/AU
115 TIM
116 Hutchison
117 Bouygues
118 SFR
119 Orange_France
121 Telcel
122 Telstra
123 T-Mobile (UK)
124 Vodafone Germany
125 MM02 UK/IRL/NL
126 Telus
128 Starhub
129 Telefonica
130 Swisscom
131 Cable & Wireless
132 Vodafone (IT)
133 Vodafone (ES)
134 T-Mobile (NL)
135 Cincinnati Bell
136 Telefonica_LAM
137 Vodafone Austria
138 Vodafone Australia
139 Vodafone Ireland
140 Vodafone Sweden
141 CSL
142 Orange UK
143 Vodafone New Zealand
144 SingTel
145 Globe
146 Optus
147 Orange Mobistar
148 Vodafone_HU
149 Bharti
150 KPN
151 TIM_Greece
152 Proximus
153 Vodafone_Portugal
154 TIM_Brazil
155 BT_Mobile
156 Earthlink
158 E-Plus
159 BASE
160 Dobson
161 Vodafone_Egypt
162 Orange_Switzerland
164 Triton
165 Maxis
166 Vodafone_Denmark_ (TDC)
167 MobileOne_(Voda_ Singapore)
168 Vodacom
169 T-Mobile_PO
170 T-Mobile_CZ
171 T-Mobile_HU
173 MTN
174 Entel
175 Amena
176 SmarTone
177 TCS
178 Avea
179 F100
180 Turkcell
181 Partner
183 Orange_Global
186 Telkomsel
188 Vodafone_Greece
189 USCC
190 Mobilink
194 Voda_Luxembourg
195 Voda_Iceland
198 Vodafone_CZ
204 China_Mobile
205 Movilnet
209 Sympac
210 TIM_Argentina
212 Etisalat
214 AMX
215 Telefonica_Venezuela
217 Orange Romania
218 KTP
222 Mobitel Bulgaria
224 PCCW/Sunday
227 Mobily
229 Eurotel
230 Hutchison India (Hutchison Essar)236 Reliance
237 Verizon
238 Vodafone Turkey
239 Telefonica Morocco (Meditel)
240 Indosat
241 Alcatel Shanghai Bell
245 3-UK/3-Italy/ 3-Sweden/ 3-Denmark/ 3-Austria
247 Vodafone Essar
248 Centennial Wireless/Centennial PR
250 T-Mobile AT (8110 Post HW)
254 Oi Brazil
255 Telecom New Zealand
258 3-Australia (H3GA)
259 Cable Wireless TSTT/TSTT Trinidad and Tobago
269 TATA India
271 T-Mobile Croatia – 4.6 and post/T-Mobile Macedonia/T- Mobile Montenegro
273 BT Italy
274 11
277 MTS Mobility
278 Virgin Mobile
280 Orange Slovakia – 8120 Post
282 Taiwan Mobile
285 Orange Austria (ONE) (Full Launch)286 Vodafone Malta
288 BASE (JiM)
295 CMCC Peoples
298 Digitel (FULL LAUNCH)
300 Solo (Bell)
301 Carphone Warehouse Spain/Carphone Warehouse UK/Carphone Warehouse France/Carphone Warehouse NL
302 Cable & Wireless UK/20:20 UK/20:20 France/20:20 Germany/Brightpoint Germany/Brightpoint UK/Brightstar AZLAN DE/LuxGSM/Brightstar AZLAN UK/Brightstar AZLAN FR/Poste Mobile
303 Iusacell Mexico
308 XL Indonesia
309 Fido Solutions
310 Wind Italy
315 Metro PCS
316 Nextel International – Mexico
317 Nextel International – Peru
318 Nextel International – Brazil
319 Nextel International – Argentina
322 Vodafone Qatar
324 Etisalat Misr
326 Brightpoint Australia
327 Axis
331 Bell Mobility
332 Telus
335 STC Saudi Arabia
336 Q-Tel
337 Phone House France
339 Phone House Germany
340 Phone House Netherlands
352 3-Indonesia
353 Millicom (TIGO) – Bolivia/Millicom (TIGO) – Honduras/Millicom (TIGO) – Guatemala/Millicom (TIGO)-El Salvador/Millicom (TIGO) – Colombia/Millicom (TIGO) – Paraguay
369 3-Italy
370 Globalive
373 Digicel
375 Orange Dominicana
376 DTAC
377 IDEA
378 HK Regional PRD
381 Virgin Mobile UK
382 AMX Comcel Colombia
383 AMX Porta Ecuador
384 AMX Claro Argentina
385 AMX Claro Brazil
388 3-Austria
389 Boost Mobile
392 Virgin Mobile
395 BR Regional PRD
416 VE Regional PRD
600 Wataniya Kuwait/GO Mobile/Mobinil/Warid/Etisalat Nigeria/Oman Mobile/Zain Jordan/Telenor Pakistan/Mobilecom/Zain Nigeria/Zain Malawi/Cellplus/Batelco/GeoCell/Zain Kuwait/Ufone/EMS/Emtel/Nawras
601 Zain Madagascar/20:20 France/Brightpoint France/Zain Congo
602 AzerCell
603 Jersey Telecom/Trigcom/Telenor Serbia/Siminn/Brightpoint UK/Sonofon/Mobitel/Telenor Hungary/Brightpoint Netherlands/Brightstar AZLAN UK/Cable & Wireless UK/20:20 UK/Globul/Polkomtel/Optimus/TMN Portugal/Telenor Norway
604 Sunrise/Brightstar_AZLAN DE (Gemini Onwards)/20:20 Germany/Brightpoint Germany
605 Cosmote Greece
609 MPulse/DiGi/Docomo Pacific
610 AIS Thailand/True Move
611 Aircel/Redington/MTNL/Loop Mobile/BSNL
612 Mobility/West Central Wireless/SETAR/Celluar One/UTS
613 brightpoint/TAM

MS Windows 2003 SBS pop3 connector / Blackberry Enterprise Server Express

I have built a new server on VMWare to accommodate the new Blackberry Enterprise Server Express 5.0.1 that was just recently released. I was quite ecstatic to hear RIM was giving this up for free. Since I had a 5 CAL license for Windows 2003 Small Business Server, I setup this on my VM, which also included Exchange Server 2003. Setup was easy, did all the updates to this ancient OS. Then setup the BESX on the same server. Since I only plan to host personal/SOHO domain, this is totally acceptable. Blackberry suggests I can have upto 75 users on this server. The server itself is pretty decent – Xeon, 4GB ECC Ram, Raid5.

Blackberry has this great video tutorial that shows how to set the BESX up in a jiffy.

you can view the video here

Going forward, I had redirected my domains email to the exchange server, this entailed me to purchase anti spam software as it was getting ridiculous with out it.

What I decided to do is activate POP3 Connector which comes with the SBS 2003 OS. The downside was that it only polls every 15 minimum. Boo! Doesnt that defeat having push email to the blackberry?

Well I found a reg edit hack that will accelerate the polling.

You can set the polling interval in the GUI if you view the properties of
the POP3 Connector Manager, and then click the “Scheduling” tab. To set the
polling interval so that polling occurs more frequently than every 15
minutes, you must configure the ScheduleAccelerator registry entry.

1. Locate and then click the following registry subkey:


2. On the “Edit” menu, point to “New”, and then click “DWORD Value”.

3. Type “ScheduleAccelerator” (without the quotation marks) as the entry
name, and then press ENTER.

5. On the “Edit” menu, click “Modify”.

6. In the “Value data” box, click decimal, type the value that you want, and then click
“OK”. To determine the polling interval, the value that is configured on the
“Scheduling” tab in the GUI is divided by the value that you type for the
ScheduleAccelerator entry. For example, if a 15 minute interval is specified
in the GUI and you set the value of the ScheduleAccelerator entry to 3, the
connector will poll ever five minutes.

7. Quit Registry Editor