Can Amer Freight

Just thought I’d throw a shout out to a shipping/receiving company I use in Blaine, Washington. Just a hop skip and a jump to pick up your parcels that you purchased online from ebay, etc. It is so much cheaper to have it shipped within USA then have it shipped across the border. Not to mention if your package gets held up at customs, good luck with that.. this way you have a pretty good chance of driving it back personally. I have never once lied to the border guards, and always get through without any charges -taxes or duties..
the place I use is called:

Can Amer Freight (aka Can Amer Shipping & Receiving)
1927 Boblett St
Blaine, Washington 98230
Phone: 360-332-6525

I put this on my blog as mostly all websites, even still show their old address on yew st. You should update your records.