iOffer should be called iFraud~!

I’d like to share my near loss experience with my blog.
So I was looking for a Coach collar for my new pup and on ebay these are near non-existent. So google got me some results, one of which was from Looked kind of shady to start, but being the conscious consumer I am, thought i’d play it out, and if I felt confident of this transaction, i’d bite the bullet. It was a $35 risk.
After offering to buy the item, I asked the seller if they had any ebay feedback and I can review as paypal does not guarantee anything outside of ebay. I got a reply back saying that not to worry and she promises to ship the item today with tracking #, and that she is a paypal verified member for the last 7years, and also that paypal guarantees the transaction too. Well, thats all I needed is some assurance from the seller, NOT!
I went to the paypal forums site and low and behold, there are many many articles of fraud within iOffer. Many on yahoo answers as well. Just for shits and giggles, I went to pay the invoice (well not quite), I wanted to see if any info showed about this 7 years experienced seller. Notta! – This account is unable to accept any funds. LOL!! need i say more.

So, the saying still stands, if its too good to be true, it is!
PS. Seller Information
thedepot (7)
Chris Ettehadieh
1721 Glen Keith Blvd
Baltimore, MD 21234
also got a reply from

disclaimer: I have not proven that this may be a fraudulent seller, but all investigation points to this conclusion; thats good enough for me, anything more concrete would be a suckers bet.