camera light box

So I was on a mission to make a light box. I had found many how-to’s on the interweb on how to make this… and CHEAP!

I was thoroughly impressed on how easy it was. I would like to give a shout out to:

This was a great write up on how to make this happen.

I actually went to Michaels craft store and purchased 36″ X 24` poster board. These are about a quarter inch in thickness and have foam in between. They were on sale for 2 for 3 bucks. I spent $9 on these + a couple bucks on white tissue paper. Then I headed down to the local Home Depot and purchased to touch lamps (for lack of finding another cheaper alternative). They ran me $15.99 each. These are pretty nice, stainless steel touch sensor lamps with adjustable neck… thats what i was aiming for as I didnt know how high i needed the light and this way i can easily aim it to where ever I want.

Needless to say I am into this for about $45 bones + taxes. I could have scrounged up a cardboard box and saved myself 10 bones… but this looks way nicer.
So here are some pics that I took with my camera. I totally am impressed with my new box. I needed this as I tend to accumulate old phones and electronics and this way I can easily take a nice shot and put them up on ebay and craigslist. I am a big fan of craigslist as this makes for a personal transaction and dont have to screw around waiting in line at the post office.

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