Debut of Mats Sundin

So, just finished watching the Canucks vs Edmonton game debuting Mats Sundin. I can’t comment on his 15 minutes and 2 seconds of play; but I can certainly tell you I’d love to collect his salary. To put things into perspective, he got paid $121,951.22 for this game and will get the same for the 40 games left. Wow!

OK, Bernier must have been scared for his job, or counting his lucky stars for not getting traded or sent one way to the Moose, should he had cleared waivers. Good job Steve, 2 goals and an assist. Keep it up!

La Barbera, holding his keep. No regulation losses. I bet Sanford’s going to find a new home once Loungo gets back.

What’s up with Janik Hansen demoted to the minors. Bernier should have been that candidate. Now Vinuealt looks like a genius. Gillis’ face is saved…. For now.

Signing out.